Sheds with Lofts

What are sheds with lofts?

A shed that has a loft simply has an area, space, or even a room directly under the roof that can be used for a variety of things, such as storage and accommodations. In other words, it has an overhead area that is basically like a miniature second floor.

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Why Sheds with Lofts?

Overall, sheds with lofts offer a number of benefits that make them more versatile and convenient than other sheds. Some of their benefits are:


Sheds with lofts don’t just offer the normal storage space that regular sheds offer. The lofted area of the shed can be used for a variety of purposes, making sheds with lofts much more versatile than others. A shed loft can be used for increased storage, sleeping quarters, a children’s play or lounge space, and much more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sheds with lofts. 

Increased Storage Space

Having a shed with a loft inevitably increases your storage space capabilities, as you can now store things on the main floor of the shed and overhead. If you want to store your big lawnmower in the shed AND the Christmas decorations without hindering the accessibility of both, you can with a shed loft. Having a loft is also much more convenient and efficient than other storage solutions, like wall hooks and shelves. 

Stored Up and Out of the Way

Sheds with lofts are perfect for items that you don’t need to access frequently, like seasonal items. The loft allows them to be out of the way and prevents them from hindering the accessibility of other items. If you are worried about rodents and other pests getting into your things, having a loft can eliminate this concern, too.

Eliminate Clutter and Promote Better Organization

Sheds with lofts help you to better organize your belongings and limit the clutter. Instead of piling various things on top of the other, a loft can help you differentiate and organize your belongings, while cutting back on the clutter of random things piled together. For example, you can store your seasonal items and winter clothes in the loft, while keeping your garden tools below, rather than having these things intermingled together, as they would be in a regular shed.


We desire for all of our custom sheds to seamlessly satisfy our client’s needs. That is why we provide an assortment of models that are catered to different needs and wants. Check out our following models to identify the one that is perfect for your needs:


With our custom shed services, we want you to be able to design every aspect of your shed to ensure it’s the one of your dreams. That’s why we offer the following customizable features:


We offer a variety of different shingles for your custom shed. You can choose from our standard black, gray, brown, and weathered wood shingles, or, to ensure you are HOA compliant, we can match your shed’s shingles to your house. 


We offer multiple different types of siding for our sheds with lofts, such as:

  • LP Smartside Panel
  • LP Lap Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • James Hardie Siding

If you aren’t sure which siding is best for you, not to worry. Our knowledgeable experts can assist you.


An important part of every custom shed is the paint color! We offer a large selection of Sherwin Williams paint choices for your convenience. We use Sherwin Williams paint because they provide the most superior paint in the industry, and we only utilize the best materials for our top-notch custom sheds. If you’d rather have your shed match your house, we can also do that, too. 

Additional Features

With our custom sheds with lofts, you can specify a variety of other features, too, such as:

You can learn more about our additional features here.

Payment Options

At The Shed Depot of NC, we aim to provide the most affordable payment solutions possible for all of our custom sheds, so that each client can get the shed of their dreams. That is why in addition to several flexible payment options, we offer the lowest monthly payments in the industry. Take a look at our different options below:


* Based on 36 Month No Credit Check Lease Agreement

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