Craftsman Steep-Pitch Series Sheds

Build your own custom craftsman steep-pitch series shed using our easy to use 3D Shed Designer Tool!

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9025 (1)

10 X 16 Craftsman-Steep Pitch – Hardie Lap Siding
$8421 | $354/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $8421 with tax |...
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9141 (1)

8 X 12 Craftsman-Steep Pitch – Hardie Plank
$5986 | $251/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $5986 with tax |...
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12 X 24 Craftsman Steep-Pitch Shed
$8194 | $344/mo

In Stock: Dunn Location >> Cash Price: $8194 plus tax |...
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12 X 24 Craftsman Steep-Pitch
$8050 | $338/mo

In Stock: Raeford Location >> Cash Price: $8050 plus tax |...
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10 X 12 Craftsman Steep-Pitch
$4110 | $172/mo

In Stock: Raeford Location >> Cash Price: $4110 plus tax |...
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8 X 12 Craftsman Steep-Pitch
$3895 | $164/mo

In Stock: Burlington Location >> Cash Price: $3895 | Lease-to-Own: $164/mo...
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For a custom shed that will really turn your neighbors' heads, consider our Craftsman line. Our Craftsman Steep-Pitch Series offer the ultimate in style and versatility. They can be customized to match the aesthetics of newer homes and meet strict Home Owners Association requirements. Try our 3D Design Tool today, and bring your shed idea to life.

Standard Features

  • 7’ Walls with Max Roof Pitch
  • 12’ Total Height (Approx)
  • ¾” LP Prostruct Treated Shed Floor
  • Diamond Plate Threshold
  • 16” On Center Framing
  • 50 Yr. LP Smart Panel Treated Siding & Trim
  • Sheds larger than 12×12 include 2” x 6” trusses, Hurricane Clips and ground anchors per building code
  • 25 Yr. Shingles (Felt Paper available as an optional upgrade but is not included as a standard feature)
  • Quality Sherwin-Williams Paint
  • 5’ Wood Double Doors
  • Locking T-Handle
  • (2) Gable End Vents & Vented Soffit
  • 12’ Wide sheds have 2” x 6” roof trusses,   5 – 4” x 6” runners and 2” x 4” Floor Joists
  • Vinyl Sheds feature 6’ Fiberglass Doors and Roof Ridge Vent (No end vents)
  • LP Treated Lap Siding Sheds feature 5’ Wood Double Doors & Roof Ridge Vent (No end vents)

2020 Craftsman Series Pricing

WidthLength Base PriceMo. Payment
88Smart Panel$2,250$94.50 + tax
812Smart Panel$2,700$113.40 + tax
1010Smart Panel$2,950$123.90 + tax
1012Smart Panel$3,250$136.50 + tax
1016Smart Panel$3,925$164.85 + tax
1020Smart Panel$4,525$190.05 + tax
1212Smart Panel$3,700$155.40 + tax
1216Smart Panel$4,500$189.00 + tax
1220Smart Panel$5,200$218.40 + tax
1224Smart Panel$6,000$252.00 + tax
1228Smart Panel$6,850$287.70 + tax
1232Smart Panel$7,550$317.10 + tax
1420Smart Panel$6,625$278.25 + tax
1424Smart Panel$7,500$315.00 + tax
1428Smart Panel$8,500$357.00 + tax
1432Smart Panel$9,300$390.60 + tax
88LP LAP$2,750
812LP LAP$3,350
1010LP LAP$3,600
1012LP LAP$4,000
1016LP LAP$5,000
1020LP LAP$5,700
1212LP LAP$4,575
1216LP LAP$5,600
1220LP LAP$6,475
1224LP LAP$7,400
1228LP LAP$8,200
1232LP LAP$9,000
1420LP LAP$8,500
1424LP LAP$9,500
1428LP LAP$10,500
1432LP LAP$11,500
88Hardie Lap$3,175
812Hardie Lap$3,850
1010Hardie Lap$4,150
1012Hardie Lap$4,600
1016Hardie Lap$5,750
1020Hardie Lap$6,575
1212Hardie Lap$5,275
1216Hardie Lap$6,450
1220Hardie Lap$7,450
1224Hardie Lap$8,500
1228Hardie Lap$10,250
1232Hardie Lap$11,250
1420Hardie Lap$9,775
1424Hardie Lap$11,875
1428Hardie Lap$13,125
1432Hardie Lap$14,375


* Based on 36 Month No Credit Check Lease Agreement

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