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With our convenient rent-to-own payment options, you can get your own quality shed for an affordable monthly payment. No credit checks, no hassle! We also offer a 90 day no-interest payment plan. Have your shed delivered to Dunn today!

At The Shed Depot of NC, we proudly serve residents throughout the Dunn area by developing custom shed solutions that perfectly fulfill your storage needs. We understand that finding a shed that satisfies all of your desires, from matching your home’s aesthetics and satisfying Home Owners Association regulations, to providing an adequate amount of storage space, can be difficult.

That is why we have been supplying our custom sheds since 2005. With our custom sheds being delivered to Dunn, you will ultimately receive durable, individualized shed solutions that are not only second to none but built to specifically satisfy your storage needs and desires.


Rather than only offering a single, basic model, our team at The Shed Depot provides six unique options to ultimately achieve the most ideal solution. These models include:


Our custom shed services in the Dunn area allow customers to select every detail of their new sheds, such as the shingles, size, paint color, windows, and more. This results in a custom solution that not only has optimum functionality for your particular needs, but also one that nicely compliments your home and yard. To assist you in planning and creating your own custom shed, we have developed our 3D Shed Designer, which allows you to visualize and revise your own storage solution. From this design, we will then build an exact, reliable duplicate in an utmost timely manner. With our custom shed services, you can customize the following features, and much more.


Selecting the shingles is your first step when it comes to designing your new shed. We offer options of black, gray, brown, weathered wood, and many other selections to choose from. Our custom shed dealers can also perfectly match your shed’s shingles to your house’s shingles upon request.


Our storage experts offer numerous different siding options, such as LP Lap Siding and Vinyl, to provide optimum durability, while still meeting your aesthetic desires. Since our options are plenty, we can certainly help you determine which selection is best for you.


The paint is an important component of any custom shed, as this is a significant contributor to the overall appearance. While we will always provide an expert opinion if necessary, we allow our valuable customers to select any paint color they desire, or we can match the paint color directly to your house. Since our custom shed dealers in Dunn uphold high standards of excellence and professionalism, we only use Sherwin Williams paint, as they supply excellent quality paint that is the best on the market.


Our Dunn custom shed services do not only allow our customers to select the basic components, as previously listed but many other additional options as well. From the doors and porch to the roofing and shelves, we allow you to design the entirety of your new shed to your exact liking. Providing these additional options allows our customers to receive the perfect custom shed, both functionally and aesthetically.


After your custom shed is constructed at our manufacturing facility, our team will provide delivery and installation services directly to your home, completely free of charge. Once your shed is delivered to your home fully built, we will install the shed at your desired location, in less than an hour, while abiding by strict regulations to ensure that your yard is not damaged in the process. With our custom shed dealers, there is no noisy and messy construction within your backyard, and the need to assemble or transport your new shed yourself is eliminated.


Our custom shed dealers in Dunn, NC construct each shed with durability and reliability in mind. That is why all of our custom solutions automatically come with a 5-year warranty. This warranty not only covers any defects in workmanship and materials, but also the new material and labor repair cost. Ultimately, our warranty provides the repair of most issues you could encounter, completely free of charge.


* Based on 36 Month No Credit Check Lease Agreement

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In addition to the several benefits listed above, our custom sheds come with flexible payment options. To ensure that our customers receive a top-notch solution for an affordable price, we offer the lowest monthly payments in the industry, as well as a 90-day payment plan and a 36-month lease to own plan.


If you are in need of a storage solution, why not select one that flawlessly accommodates your needs? Our custom shed dealers can supply you with an exceptional, personalized shed that fulfills all of your requirements, while perfectly complementing your home, in no time. For a quality custom shed solution that is equipped with free installation and delivery and flexible payment options, contact The Shed Depot of NC today by calling (919) 776-0206 completing the contact form below! Or start using the FREE 3D Designer Tool today!

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