Custom Storage Sheds in Chapel Hill, NC

custom storage sheds for sale chapel hill nc

At The Shed Depot of NC, we have been proudly offering our custom sheds to Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas for nearly 15 years.

Our storage solutions eliminate the difficulty of finding an adequate storage shed, while ensuring that all of the needs on your checklist, from supplying a proper amount of storage space to complying with the Home Owners Association (HOA) requirements, are thoroughly fulfilled.

We ultimately allow you to receive the perfect, long-lasting custom shed you’ve been searching for at an unbeatable price.



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Check out our selection of sheds below! Feel free to call (919) 776-0206 for more information or design your own shed with our FREE 3D Shed Designer Tool.


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12 X 20 Standard A Frame-
$5746 | $241/mo

In Stock: Thomasville Location >> Cash Price: $5746 with tax...
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12 X 12 Standard Series –
$4344| $183/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $4344 with tax |...
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12 X 20 Standard Series –
$5746| $242/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $5746 with tax |...
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12 X 24 Monster Series –
$7431| $312/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $7431 with tax |...
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8 X 12 Craftsman –
$4192 |$176-/mo

In Stock: Raeford Location >> Cash Price: $4192 including tax |...
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8 X 12 Craftsman Steep Pitch
$4192 | $175/mo

In Stock: Thomasville Location >> Cash Price: $4192 with tax...
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Custom Shed Options in Chapel Hill

From the windows and shingles, to more advanced specifications, like shelving and porches, our custom shed dealers in Chapel Hill allow our customers to design the entirety of their new shed using our 3D Shed Designer. This helpful tool enables individuals to design and visualize their own customized shed, which our team will then replicate using only the highest quality materials, in no time. With our mission being to supply the most perfect solution possible, we offer customers the freedom to specify as much or as little of their custom shed as they desire to create a visually appealing, optimal solution.

Roofing Shingles for Sheds

One of the first steps in creating a custom shed is determining what shingles will be used. At The Shed Depot, we provide multiple basic options, such as black, gray, brown, and weather wood, or we can match the shingles to your house’s upon request.


Our custom shed builders in Chapel Hill offer a variety of siding options for your new storage solution, as the siding is an important part of any shed. We provide LP Lap Siding, LP Smartside Panel, and many other options that are sturdy and long-lasting, yet visually appealing. For individuals who are unsure of which siding option would be best, we can also offer our expert opinion and assistance.


The paint on any shed is a huge factor of the overall aesthetic appeal, which is why our paint options are nearly limitless. To ensure that your shed is just the right color you desire, our customers can select any paint color manufactured by Sherwin Williams. We only paint our custom sheds in Chapel Hill with this brand because of their high quality and superior results. Our team can also simply match the paint color of your new shed directly to your home.

Shed Models

To ensure that your storage solution is just the right size for your needs, we offer six unique shed models, rather than one basic one. Our models include:

Additional Shed Options

With our custom sheds in Chapel Hill, we allow our customers to specify much more than just the features listed above. Our services grant you the freedom to determine both the big and small aspects of your new custom shed, from the roof to something as minor as the porch railings. Other options available to incorporate onto your shed are porches, windows, ramps, lofts, shelving, and much more. Or, if you simply desire to only customize the basics, that’s another option as well. Our ultimate mission is to provide all the tools and options you need to acquire the perfect storage space for your home.

Free Shed Delivery and Installation Services in Chapel Hill

After your new personalized storage space has been constructed, our custom shed dealers in Chapel Hill will then not only deliver your custom shed right to your backyard, but also install it. Your fully built shed will be installed in less than an hour under strict guidelines to ensure that your backyard is not damaged in any way. That way, you receive the perfect storage solution for your needs without any worrisome assembling, transportation, or appalling delivery fees.

Custom Shed Warranty

All of our custom sheds built by our team members are automatically protected by a 5-year warranty. This ensures that your new Chapel Hill custom shed is as reliable and long-lasting as possible. Ultimately, our warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials, along with the new material and labor repair cost.

Flexible Payment Options

At The Shed Depot, we also offer flexible payment options to ensure individuals can obtain our unmatched, personalized custom sheds for an affordable price. Rather than a specific payment method and plan, we offer the lowest monthly payment plans in the industry, such as our 90-day payment plan and 36-month lease to own plan.

Ready to Design Your New Custom Shed in Chapel Hill?

Rather than settling for a mediocre, basic shed, why not build your own to perfectly accommodate all of your needs? Our unparalleled custom shed services in Chapel Hill can provide you with the optimal storage solution that is not only visually appealing, but extremely functional and reliable. To learn more information about our Chapel Hill custom sheds, or to start designing yours today, contact our team by calling (919) 776-0206 or using the contact form below.

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