Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning and Planning

  • 1-2 weeks for display models
  • 2-3 weeks for most built to order sheds
  • 3 weeks plus for custom sheds with vinyl or lap siding, metal roofs, or other non-stock options
According to the North Carolina Residential Building Code, permits are required for accessory structures (sheds) with any dimension that exceeds 12’. These are the responsibility of the homeowner and can be obtained through your local city or county zoning and/or building inspections department. Shed Depot can provide engineered drawings free of charge, which are usually necessary to acquire permits along with a site plan of your property showing existing home and structures as well as the location for the proposed new shed.

We build and set up our sheds using concrete block leveling piers and ground anchors for buildings larger than 12’ in any dimension at no additional charge to meet code requirements.

If you choose to get a permit (sheds over 12’ in most cases), then it typically will be assessed as an improvement on your property taxes.  This is not true in all areas, so be sure to point out that this is a “portable structure” built above ground and not permanently affixed to your location.  In some areas this could result in your new shed not being assessed for additional taxes.  Ask your local officials tax department for specific rates and qualifications in your area.
Because we use a small off-road forklift (aka “Mule”) to deliver our sheds, we do not need to drive our full truck and trailer through your yard and can cross septic lines in most cases.  Although we cannot cross directly over your septic tank, we can in most cases cross septic lines without disturbing them.  We do recommend that you make us aware of the lines’ locations and that delivery be set up for a relatively dry day.

Shed Features and Customizations

We offer top quality, pre-built wood storage sheds from 8’x8’ up to 14’x36’.  Customers can choose one of the display models on our lot for quicker delivery or order a shed built specifically to meet their needs.  We have 6 different styles (series) of sheds at a variety of price points.  We can custom match paint, siding and shingles to match your house and meet most Homeowners Association Requirements.
Yes, we can meet most HOA and other design requirements such as matching paint
colors and siding types as well as roof pitches and shingle types and colors (exp.
Architectural shingles). Although we do have some transportation and building code
restrictions, in general, if you can dream it, we can build it. See your nearest dealer for
more details.
The “Base Price” includes all of the standard features for the associated series. The base price also includes Delivery and Set Up (see next question) within 30 miles of the dealer location. The base price does not include any of the options shown in the “Available Options Pictures and Prices” section of this webpage. Please note that 4 Shingle color choices and 6 Paint color choices are available at no additional charge.
It’s not Masonite, or wafer board or particle board! It’s an engineered wood product
from LP called SmartSide. The flooring is LP ProStruct. They are designed, engineered
and tested specifically to be used in shed applications. They are resistant to termites and
water and made to last. See LP Product Specifications and information under the
“Standard Features” section.
Our customers have four options when it comes to the siding used on their shed:

  1. LP SmartSide Panel Siding
  2. LP Lap Siding
  3. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
  4. Vinyl Siding

Lean more by visiting Shed Siding Options

No, currently we do not offer Build-On- Site. The two most common reason we are asked these questions are quality concerns or access restrictions such as a fence.
  • Our sheds are engineered and built in a climate controlled facility to eliminate any environmental impacts to the structure before it is complete.
  • It allows our engineers to monitor every phase of the construction process including your customizations.
  • It allows our buyers to purchase higher grade materials for less since we are buying for hundreds of sheds… not just one.
  • Fences are perceived to be a barrier to delivery. Wooden privacy fences are the most common we hear about. In this example most fences have 8’ sections between posts that can easily be removed by the homeowner or fence professional. Then, simply dig up the post that connected the two panels, resulting in an opening over 15’ to allow delivery of the pre-built shed. If it is not a corner post or gate post, then there is less concrete around the post, which further simplifies the removal as well as re-installation process. It can be intimidating to remove a section of fence, particularly if it is new, but the value trade-off is usually worth the difference since built-on-site sheds are generally 20% more expensive excluding caulking and paint.
Your new shed will come with a 5 year warranty on materials, workmanship and leveling.  Our most common warranty claim is for leveling due to the ground settling.  This is covered at no additional cost and can usually be remedied in 1 – 2 weeks.

Damages due to accidents or weather (including paint fading) are not covered.  We do use a quality Sherwin-Williams exterior paint.

We can fix most minor damages not covered under our warranty at our cost.  For example, broken windows due to a fallen tree limb or rock from a lawn mower would not be covered, but could be fixed for the cost of the materials, labor cost and reasonable travel charge. Read more

We offer 6 standard paint colors at no additional charge. There is a $50 charge to add “trim paint” (2nd color).

Customers can choose any Sherwin-Williams paint color or provide a sample for us to match for an additional $75. Any leftover paint will be delivered with the shed.

We offer 4 standard shingle color options and metal roofing can be added in your choice of colors for an additional $1 per square foot.

Engineered as “Accessory Structures” so please check with your local inspections department officials for additional requirements in your area. Our sheds can be permitted for the addition of electrical wiring.  
We offer a simple electrical packages with 2 receptacles and an overhead light.  We highly recommend contacting a licensed electrician in your area to properly tie in to the nearest electrical source and comply with local codes.
Our sheds are engineered from the ground up to meet building code requirements and feature up to 5 – 4×6 pressure treated skids that minimize the spans of the floor joists. This results in better weight distribution of the walls through the included piers directly than through the floor systems like other shed builders.  Our sheds are engineered to hold the weight “close to the chest” instead or instead of extended into the floor joists.  The old cantilever-style weight distribution of the roof and wall moves the weight further inside the floor of the shed demanding larger joists. A great example is how you carry a bag a groceries closer to your body. Carrying them with your arms extended may be good for your biceps, but over time your back is going to hurt.

Basically, we engineer our entire floor system as a unit including placement of concrete leveling piers, floor joists, and 4×6 skids resulting in a floor as strong or stronger than those with 2×6 floor joists but fewer, smaller skids and piers.

Tongue and groove floor decking is a standard feature of our sheds and it also adds to the overall stability of our sheds.

And, if you want the piece of mind, we can add 2×6 floor joists for just $0.50 per square foot for even more strength.


Visit a dealer near you to order or visit our design center in Sanford, NC.  There you can ask questions, view available styles and options, and see first-hand the size and quality of our sheds.  The dealer can write up a quote or place your order at that time.

You can also call or email us during normal business hours to discuss these and other topics.

We offer multiple ways to pay including a “90 day No Interest Plan” and 36 month Lease To Own option. Check out our payment options here.
Yes, Rent-To- Own and Lease-To- Own from The Shed Depot must comply with the same NC State regulations, BUT at The Shed Depot of NC, our monthly lease payments and the total amount you’ll pay are less than comparably priced sheds from other Rent-To-Own building companies. For a comparison and further explanation click here.

Pre-delivery Planning and Delivery Day

No site preparation required. Simply verify we have enough space to get the fully assembled building from the street to the location where you want it and that the slope of the ground is not too extreme. If you have questions, we would be happy to talk you through it or visit your site if necessary. We include leveling block up to 12” at the highest point. Additional charges apply for leveling over 12”.

See Delivery/Setup
All sheds will be Delivered fully assembled and painted and Set Up level using solid 4”x
8”x 16” concrete block up to 12” in ground level differential. We will arrive with the
shed on a truck and trailer. We then use a “mule” off-road mini fork lift and additional
wheels to maneuver the shed into place. Then, starting at the highest point of ground
with 1 concrete block, we will use “jacks” to level the shed and place additional block
piers on 3 of the ground skids approximately every 8’. The tallest block pier should not
exceed 3 blocks high (12”). Leveling above this height will result in an additional charge
of $2 per block. Note that only the minimum number of block required to level the shed
are included. For example, if the ground is really level to begin with, then fewer block
are needed to level the shed. No extra block will be left behind for the customer and
“raising of the shed” above the minimum required is not included even if no pier exceeds
3 blocks (12”) in height.
We need a path of “Clear Access” from the road to the building site that is 2’ wider than
the width of the shed (8’, 10’ or 12’) and 12’ tall. For pictures and additional information
regarding “Clear Access”, please see the “Delivery Information” section of this webpage.

Also, site visits are available where needed.
The homeowner is responsible for removing and re-installing fencing if needed for
delivery of the shed. We do not build on-site, but typically it is less expensive to remove
or have someone else remove a portion of fence than to hire an on-site shed contractor.

In the case of a fence, we only need 4-6” on each side of the shed to go through the fence
as long as we do not have to turn while the shed is between the remaining fence sections.
Please indicate this situation on the order form under the agreement of delivery and
discuss with scheduler prior to delivery so that we may gather more details and possibly
schedule a visit.