Do Barns Offer More Space?

Customers often ask whether or not the “barn” or “gambrel” roof design gives customers more capacity than “A-Frame” or “Utility” Buildings. As you might expect the answer is yes… and no.

Compared to typical shed manufacturers the barn-style roof does provide more space than their A-frame counterpart because they both have the same wall height.

However, The Shed Depot has more wall height options than the typical shed company. We have wall heights from 6’ high in or Standard Series to 9’ high in our Monster Series. We can alter our wall heights for both models so the total space is actually slightly greater in our models than in barn style sheds.

Our Monster Series customers, for example, can choose either the Barn Style roof with 7’ sidewalls or the A-Frame roof with 9’ sidewalls. Both measure 12’ to the peak of the roof and both are the same price.

For us, your choice of roof design is more about style and matching the aesthetics of your home than storage capacity.