Shed Delivery & Set Up Info

Free Delivery & Set Up in Central NC

Delivery and set up of your shed is included within central North Carolina. Additional fees may apply outside of central North Carolina depending on the county and wind zone.

Call the Shed Depot of NC at (919) 776-0206 or visit one of our 5 Shed Depot locations near you further details.

Sheds are built and delivered fully assembled.

Levelling Considerations

  • We include free 4x8x16” solid concrete leveling block up to a 12” slope.
  • Additional fees of $3.00 per block over 12”
  • Dealer can provide block counts for specific sizes

Building has a better chance of staying level over time as settling and structural changes occur, however, we include free releveling in our 5 year warranty if:

  • Settling negatively impacts performance or operation of doors, windows, and foundation system
  • Settling is not the result of acts of nature or choice of site within drainage or other flood prone area

Ground anchors are included in buildings over 12x12 and can be added to any size at an additional charge.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is not required but it does make the delivery process easier and faster.

Continue reading below to learn more about site preparation.

Lead Times

Estimated lead times can vary depending on product details and time of year.

  • Ask your dealer for current delivery lead time estimates
  • These are for estimating purposes only.
  • Product availability and weather may lengthen lead times

If your estimated delivery time is near and you haven’t heard from us, feel free to give us a call at (919) 776-0206 for an update.

We will contact you 3-4 days ahead of the next available delivery time to set up a date and time that works best for you.

Planning For Your Shed Delivery

Proper planning is vital to help ensure delivery can be made properly. Please review this page in its entirety for helpful tips on how to plan for a successful delivery.

Delivery Considerations

Some Common Obstacles to be aware of include:

  • Slope
  • Trees
  • Branches
  • Stumps
  • Fence width
  • House and shed overhang
  • Wires and septic tanks (both where the shed is going and the route we have to take to get it there).

Do You Have Clear Access?

Clear Access is considered having a clear path that is 2’ wider and taller than that of your shed – especially when installing between fences, houses, and trees.

There needs to be enough space to turn between obstacles and maneuver the building as needed. Keep in mind that branches may need to be cut to achieve clear access.

shed delivery clear access 1
shed delivery clear access 2
shed delivery clear access 3

Fences should be removed if need be and made wide enough to have clear access

The Shed Depot is not authorized to take out the fence and put it back upon delivery*

If clear access is uncertain, site checks are available upon request and will be performed at the next opportunity we have a representative in your area. This could potentially delay your lead time.

The building will be unloaded in the most accommodating space, preferably out of heavily trafficked streets.

The Mule will be used to maneuver the building into the desired space. The mule minimizes the potential damage done to yard and is a standard feature for all deliveries. This machine allows us to fit into tighter spaces and into your desired location.

This process is less impactful than build-on-site construction because it’s quicker and only requires only two people. Consult your dealer with specific concerns.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer is responsible for having any underground utilities such as irrigation, sceptic tanks, etc. Customers can call 811 to have utilities marked for free.

Slope Determination

Slope determination can be difficult and pictures don’t often properly portray actual conditions.

slope determination for your shed

One simple rule of thumb we sometimes use is if whether you would feel comfortable operating a riding lawn mower across the slope.

  • We do not recommend blocking this high without plans of finishing a better access point.
  • Keep in mind door placement on the shed in comparison to where it will sit in your yard

Blocking over the recommended amount on a steeper slope may be acceptable in this case.

steeper slope consideration

The slope determines the workability of a ramp to enter shed and may not work in all cases.

Inaccessible sites resulting in installer delays are subject to a $50.00 fee for each hour spent prepping and a $200.00 fee if delivery needs to be rescheduled.

Installing Sheds on Property Not Owned By You

Placing your building on a rental property or property not owned by you requires a Landlord Release form.

The use of neighbors’ yards requires their written permission before delivery.

Forms can be obtained from dealer during sales process.

Site Preparation Options


Level Grass or Dirt Area – Solid leveling block will be provided up to 12” free of charge and will be $3.00 per block over 12”.

Moisture barriers are not recommended because they can negatively impact pier leveling and placement. All runners and floor joists are pressure treated.

Ask dealer for more details.

Gravel Pad – link to video on YouTube Concrete Pad – Ask your sales rep for dimensions of runners for exact concrete pad dimensions.

These will vary if you have anchors and if you choose to have concrete anchors versus ground anchors.

Ground Anchors – 2”-3” outside of runners

Concrete Anchors - Minimum of 6” outside of runners

Benefits of Pad Prep

Increases ease of access by keeping the building as low to the ground as possible.

Adds great character and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Building has a better chance of staying level over time as settling and structural changes occur, however we do relevel included in warranty. See details.


Buyer is responsible for obtaining building permits (if necessary) – The Shed Depot does not handle this or know the rules for different areas, check with your local zoning and planning.

Permit laws can vary depending on county, neighborhood, HOA and can be for placement of building, size of shed, and overall look.

We recommend checking if permits are required for your area and obtaining one if need be prior to purchasing your building.

The Shed Depot can provide building plans if need be.

Accessory Structures with any dimension greater than 12’ require a building permit unless designated for farm use.

We include anchors per North Carolina State building code for all buildings over 12x12 (does not include 12x12).

HOA Approval & Building/Zoning Permits

HOA approval and building/zoning permits are two different things. Be sure to consider both of these when designing and ordering your storage shed.

Contact Shed Depot With Your Questions

We understand that each site is different and unique. If you feel you have a difficult site after reviewing this, we encourage you to contact your sales person regarding your site.

The Shed Depot has the right to refuse delivery if it is unsafe or inaccessible.

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