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Has your garage become a catch-all for everything? Is it to a point where you can’t park a vehicle in your garage? There is no question that we accumulate a lot of stuff, and a garage can only hold so much. Children’s toys, tools, paint cans, this and that can make for a junky and crowded garage. Consider creating a separate space for these things with a backyard storage shed. The Shed Depot of North Carolina can help you create an attractive utilitarian space to hold everything you want to store. 

Storage Shed Ideas

Things to Consider

After deciding that a storage shed is what you need, there are several other important considerations. You’ll want to take into account the size, location, and various approvals that may be necessary. Factors such as the grade of the land, the setbacks in your yard, homeowners association guidelines, permitting, etc. will need to be planned for in the installation of your shed. These items are essential to ensure the finished space is compliant with regulations and works well with your house and the neighborhood. Read our blog where we outline all of the details you should consider when planning for your shed. 

Size of Storage

The size you require for storage is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the shed. Look at all the items you want to store, envision them together, and put some measurements on paper. Even if you can’t actually group them physically, you can get measurements that, though they may not be exact, will indicate the size of shed you need. Using our 3D Shed Designer Tool, you can design a customized storage shed for your backyard and know that you are getting the right amount of space.

Storage Requirements

Also, look at the way you want to store items: What will you want to hang on the wall or store on shelves? What will be on the floor? Once you corral your stuff in the shed, it will be hidden from viewing outside, but you’ll still want it to be organized in such a way that things are easy to find on the inside. This means not only does the shed need to be appropriately sized, it also needs storage helpers like wall hangers and shelving for tools, clothes, bags, containers, etc. 

Start Building Your Storage Shed Today

With The Shed Depot of NC, we make getting your perfect storage shed an easy process. Our 3D Shed Designer gives you the ability to design your storage shed from the ground up, meeting your exact needs and style preferences. Once you’ve selected the design, we make it a reality with our expert craftsmanship and quality materials.

We offer several payment options when purchasing a shed. You may be interested in our 90-day no interest payment plan or a rent-to-own option. To make it even more convenient for you, we have free local delivery and setup!

Call Shed Depot today at 919-776-0206, visit our 3D Shed Designer Tool, or fill out the form below to get information on building your storage shed with us!

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