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Build Your Own Portable Shed

Do you need an affordable storage solution that gives you the flexibility of mobility? If so, a portable shed is a valuable solution for any of these needs.

At The Shed Depot of North Carolina, we build our portable sheds with the individual customer in mind. Our portable sheds are known for being durable, quick to setup and made with high quality materials. Take it a step further by using our 3D Shed Designer tool to add your style and your personality. Now you can consider your portable shed to be an extension of your home. 

Portable Shed Ideas

Many Choices for Your Portable Shed

Our portable sheds have lots of options for the exterior with different window styles, door types, paint colors, siding, and porches. The interiors are also customizable with shelving, work benches, lofts, electrical, and partition walls.  All this with the ability easily move your shed with little yard damage provides enormous long term value

Custom Options

There are many options available for a portable shed to be customized for you specifically. Roof shingle colors, types of siding, and paint colors allow you to create a shed that works with and complements your home. But, we don’t stop there. Other options you can select include:

  • Window size and style
  • Door size and style
  • Lofts and shelves
  • Type of floor
  • Paints for trim and stains
  • Porch styles and location

Start Designing Your Portable Shed Today

At The Shed Depot of North Carolina, we make the process simple for you. Our 3D Shed Designer gives you the ability to create your own portable shed! Our long history and expertise in building sheds gives you the peace of mind and trust that you will be of high-quality.

We also give you payment choices when purchasing a portable shed. You may be interested in our 90-day no interest payment plan or a rent-to-own option. To make it even more convenient for you, we have free local delivery and setup!

Call Shed Depot today at 919-776-0206 or complete the short form below with any questions you may have.

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