The Shed Depot of NC builds sheds like your house. We use construction techniques from our experience in homebuilding and great quality materials backed with great warranties. Our custom-built low-profile delivery trailers allow for taller walls and steeper roof pitches than other sheds on the market, enabling The Shed Depot to offer the most available options, meet strict Homeowner Association requirements and better meet your needs!

We build our sheds with the focus on product quality. Our sheds are built indoors, out of the elements, which allows us to better manage that quality.

Available Shingle Colors




Weathered Wood

*Architectural shingles to match your house are available upon request.

Quality Paint Standard Colors

We use Sherwin Williams paint because of their superior quality. At Shed Depot, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality sheds on the market. And Sherwin Williams’ paint offers the perfect finishing touch to any of our sheds. The other benefit to using Sherwin Williams paint is the ease of matching paint colors for your house.



Barn Red

Shed Depot Green

Cape Cod Gray